Run Journal – 4/4/2012

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Weight Journal – 4/3/2012

(3) set 15 bicep curl
(3) sets 20 dumbbel tricep curl
(3) sets 15 dumbbell fly
(3) sets 15 dumbbell bench press
(3) sets 20 overhead press
(3) sets 10 bent over row
(3) sets hip extensions
(3) sets core twists w/ dumbbell
side plank right
side plank left

Run Journal – 4/2/2012

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Run Journal – 4/1/2012

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Run Journal – 3/30/2012

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Weight Journal – 3/29/2012

(3) sets Dumbbell Push-up Rows 20 lbs
(3) sets Russian Twist 20 lbs
(3) sets Bicep Curls 20 lbs
(3) Elbow Plank 45 seconds
(3) Elbow Left Side Plank 45 seconds
(3) Elbow Right Side Plank 45 seconds

Run Journal – 3/29/2012

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Minneapolis Beer Fest!

Heading over to Beerfest in downtown Minneapolis Saturday night. Looks like it should be a good time. Beer, food and music! What more could you ask for!


I can get my Seger fix on iTunes! Its about time Bobbie boy finally came around.

Cobain Signature Jaguar – Really?

I really wish companies (or the family) would quit trying to make dough off dead famous musicians. Besides, from what I know about Kurt, he would have hated the idea of a “signature” guitar being sold with his name on it.